Once the key concepts of Conscientiology and Projectiology have been read and understood, their true value becomes apparent, for it is possible to apply them in a very direct and practical way in favour of your own personal development, to potentially life-changing effect. You will learn, for example, how to:

  • develop your psychic capacities;
  • identify your purpose in life and move towards it with discernment, conviction and self-motivation;
  • avoid repeating the mistakes of past lives;
  • know yourself more completely and realize your full potential by facing and overcoming your limitations and shortcomings through frank self-analysis, and getting the most out of your strong traits;
  • have more positive helpers (spirit guides) and people around you, and how to protect yourself from negative influences;
  • master your energy and use it as a tool to heal yourself and others.

In examining the dynamics and interrelationships between a multitude of subjects related to the consciousness, the comprehensive yet straightforward approach of this book allows for a complete picture of the reality of human existence to emerge. It is only in having this bigger picture that readers can identify their place in it and so take the next step towards living more meaningful everyday lives that take into account the entirety of their existence as a human consciousness.