Interassistantial Services for the Internationalization of Conscientiology (ISIC)

Since 2014, Sandie has been volunteering for the Interassistantial Services for the Internationalization of Conscientiology (ISIC) whose objective is to expand the reach of the 20+ Brazil-based organizations involved in the research, teaching and dissemination of Conscientiology and Projectiology across the globe, and to help direct people interested in learning more about these ideas to the organizations most closely aligned with their interests and needs.

A full list of the Conscientiocentric Organizations can be found here but to give some examples of their work:

IIPC | International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology is an independent educational and scientific research institution widely active throughout Brazil and noted for its excellence in courses and technical-scientific publications on Projectiology and Conscientiology. It offers an extensive range of basic and advanced courses, workshops and immersions for all interested individuals, giving attention to both theoretical concepts and practical applications.

OIC (International Organization of Conscientiotherapy) applies the principles of Conscientiology to health. It has a team of fully qualified and practising psychiatrists, psychologists and medical doctors who provide both individual and group clinics to support people in need, analysing their issues from a multidimensional, multi-existential perspective.

ECTOLAB (International Association of Laboratorial Research into Ectoplasm and Parasurgery) performs scientific research on ectoplasm and parasurgery and offers educational activities. Click here or email: to make a request for parasurgery.

REAPRENDENTIA | International Association of Parapdedagogy and Consciential Reeducation specializes in developing and conducting training to enable interested individuals to become teachers of Conscientiology. In addition to hosting activities in Brazil, REAPRENDENTIA has a presence in Fort Lauderdale, USA.