Sandie Sandieis a Chartered Public Relations Practitioner and her professional background is in marketing and communications. She has lived and worked in her native Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland and the U.K. In 2013 she moved to Paris, France where she runs her own Communications consultancy.

When Sandie first came across the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC)—an organization associated with Dr. Vieira’s work—in 2001, she was working with a specialized agency of the United Nations in Geneva. She began volunteering for the IAC the following year. Studying at the IAC had such an enormous impact on her life that in 2003 she moved to London to train to be an instructor with the IAC, to promote its courses, and to assist in expanding its reach across Europe.

In 2014 Sandie left the IAC to volunteer with the Interassistential Services for the Internationalization of Conscientiology (ISIC), a Brazil-based non-profit organization whose objective is to assist the 20+ Brazil-based Conscientiocentric Organizations (COs) to bring the products, services and support they provide in fields such as education, research, health, writing and publishing to the international arena. ISIC also helps direct people interested in learning more about Conscientiology to the COs most closely aligned with their interests and needs.

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Less Incomplete is Sandie’s first book. She has published numerous articles on the consciousness, bioenergies and related phenomena in the UK and internationally.