What motivated Sandie to write Less Incomplete?

As Sandie explains in the introduction to Less Incomplete, “During these years working for the IAC, it gradually became apparent to me that there was a role to be played as a kind of bridging ‘interpreter’ between Dr. Vieira and lay readers interested in enriching their knowledge of the human consciousness and the wider realities in which we exist. Vieira’s own books are notoriously sophisticated, technical and intellectual in style, but his priority was to further human knowledge by faithfully and accurately recording the details of his research, not to write a bestseller. My endeavor, with this book, is to make his work available to a wider nonacademic audience by presenting it in a language and format that everyone can understand and follow, without compromising the integrity of his ideas in any way. Einstein once said that “it should be possible to explain the laws of physics to a barmaid” so I figure it should be equally possible to explain conscientiology to the general reader.”