Conscientiology is the science that studies the consciousness, investigating its properties, attributes, capacities, phenomena, lives and bodies of manifestation (of which the subtle body is one). It is important to make the distinction here between the consciousness and consciousness. In the context of Less Incomplete the consciousness is used as a synonym of soul, spirit, or self. Consciousness—on its own—is typically used to imply the state of being aware or lucid.

Conscientiology is hierarchically structured into over 200 subdisciplines. To give you some examples:

Paraphysiology – ‘para’ means everything that’s not physical. So paraphysiology looks at the physiology, the characteristics, of the subtle body and the other bodies of manifestation of the consciousness.

Communicology – studies how we communicate in other dimensions and how we communicate across the dimensions. E.g. can a nonphysical person communicate with us? Yes – through telepathy, psychophony (using a medium), or through synchronicity for example. Can we communicate with a nonphysical person? Yes we can.

Cosmoethics – describes a code of ethics for behaviour outside the body. We need Cosmoethics because human ethics or morals are relative, meaning, they are subjective and relevant only to a specific group of people, or to a specific culture, religion or political group. So we need some guidelines then for what is appropriate behaviour outside the body.

Intermissiology – is a new word to describe a new area of research which studies the period in between lives. So ‘intermissiology’ refers to an intermission—meaning, a period between two missions or two physical lives. So before we came to this life, where were we? Were we awake and lucid? Did we know we were going to be reborn? If so, did we plan anything for the next physical life? Did we make the plans on our own or did we perhaps plan our life as part of a group? All of these questions are studied in the subject of Intermissiology and a great way to study this subject is by having lucid OBEs.

Paragenetics – is a kind of genetic coding that is not passed from one person to another but is transmitted from our subtle body and mental body to our new physical body when we are reborn. Paragenetics, working in tandem with the complete memory of the consciousness (which encompasses the memories of all its lives), can be responsible then for some aspects of our personality and our physical appearance.


Female lying supine with eyes closed experiencing astral projection on dark background showing soul leaving bodyProjectiology is the sub-discipline of Conscientiology dedicated to the study of the projection of the consciousness outside of the physical body (out-of-body experience, OBE), and is important as the OBE is an effective tool for personally verifying what lies beyond our material world.

Once the key concepts of Conscientiology and Projectiology have been read and understood, their true value becomes apparent, for it is possible to apply them in a very direct and practical way in favour of your own personal development, to potentially life-changing effect. You will learn, for example, how to:

  • develop your psychic capacities;
  • identify your purpose in life and move towards it with discernment, conviction and self-motivation;
  • avoid repeating the mistakes of past lives;
  • know yourself more completely and realize your full potential by facing and overcoming your limitations and shortcomings through frank self-analysis, and getting the most out of your strong traits;
  • have more positive helpers (spirit guides) and people around you, and how to protect yourself from negative influences;
  • master your energy and use it as a tool to heal yourself and others.

In examining the dynamics and interrelationships between a multitude of subjects related to the consciousness, the comprehensive yet straightforward approach of this book allows for a complete picture of the reality of human existence to emerge. It is only in having this bigger picture that readers can identify their place in it and so take the next step towards living more meaningful everyday lives that take into account the entirety of their existence as a human consciousness.